BEPPS Snacks
BEPPS Snacks

Our Mission

We are on a mission... to create a range of delicious black eyed pea based snacks that are enjoyed worldwide by everyone; the health conscious and indulgent snackers alike. We want to bring black eyed peas to the global stage as the delicious protein rich food ingredient they are and we want to make a difference by improving the social & economic disposition of those who can't help themselves; through every pack of BEPPS sold.

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • No GMO or MSG
  • Dairy Free
Bepps Our Story

Our Story

Bepps Characters

Our founder Eve is all about black eyed peas!

She grew up eating this delicious sub-category of Cow Pea's (also referred to as beans) when she was a little girl. So it was a no brainer to feed her (then) two year-old daughter Giselle the same thing when she was growing up. However, Giselle had other plans and she preferred to eat crisps and savoury snacks for her dinner.

So one night, after another failed attempt to get Giselle to eat her black eyed pea stew, Eve had her light bulb moment!

Wondering to herself why black eyed peas were not being used in the new wave of 'pea & grain based' healthy savoury snacks such as Chickpeas, Lentils and Quinoa. Black eyed peas are naturally high in protein and fibre and have a naturally low calorie count.

With the help of Google, Eve went on a mission to find the best manufacturer to produce her delicious range of Black Eyed Pea Puffed Snacks [BEPPS] - (see what we did there). And after nine months of building her supply chain, the first batch of BEPPS samples were created in September 2017 and she had her second child, Ozzy in December 2017 - what a year!


"Sweet Chilli & the Cheese both eaten and amazing!"

Mark Sallis

"Full of flavour, crunchy, and moreish!"

Faizan Khokhar

"Wow! My morning snack just got a whole lot better! Tried the cheesy ones today and verdict is... YUMMY!!"

Hannah Lee

"Look at these beauties from BEPPS Snacks, only 4.5 Syn per pack and a decent size pack!"

Claire O'Hara

"In love with these super tasty and healthy Black Eyed Peas Puff Snacks 91 kcals per bag only!!!!"

Nina Mackenzie