Our Super Puffs

  • Low GI
  • 15G Protein
  • 15G Flavouring
  • < 4g Fat

Peas with Purpose

As a brand we believe in being 'Peas with Purpose' by keeping charity at the centre of the brand. We not only proudly shout about this on our front of pack but in our first year we have been able to donate over 20,000 packs of BEPPS to charities across the UK via our charity partner City Harvest who focus on donating food to families and the homeless across London via several Food Bank partners.

This year we want to further our scope and not only double our contribution to City Harvest but we will also be partnering with Women’s Aid in the UK as well as St Nicholas Mission Academy in Kokrobite, Ghana. The school strives to create a safe environment for children to learn by receiving free primary school education. BEPPS will be sponsoring 5 children this year where they will receive free education, nutritious meals all year, safe drinking water, basic healthcare and of course some delicious BEPPS Snacks! We will also be supporting the school throughout the year to help further their fundraising efforts so that they can support more local children. We believe good education should be every child’s right so help us further support this fantastic school and donate via their Go Fund Me Page here.

Eve loved eating Black Eyed Peas when she was growing up, so it was a no brainer to give her daughter Giselle the same thing when it came to dinner time!

However, Giselle had other plans and preferred to eat crisps and savoury snacks for dinner. In her frustration, and with the help of Google, Eve had her light bulb moment and went on a mission to find the best manufacturer to produce a delicious range of Black-Eyed Pea Puff Snacks - BEPPS (see what we did there?). After nine months of building her supply chain, the first batch of BEPPS samples were created in September 2017, three months before Eve had her second child, Ozzy - what a year!