Party Supply

Whether you are entertaining for adults or children or both, a selection of BEPPS is what you need to get any party started.

Delicious and made using only organic ingredients, BEPPS make the ideal party food. Available in three incredible flavours that are sure to impress even the pickiest of palates, no get together would be complete without BEPPS bringing the fun and at a fraction of the calories.

Kids and grownups alike will appreciate the subtle yet sophisticated tastes of BEPPS. From the straightforward, scrumptious sea salt and black pepper variety to the mild heat of sweet chilli, it won’t be long before everyone finds their flavour.

And the best part? BEPPSfeature no artificial additives or enhancers; everything you taste is completely natural and highly nutritious. Your party is sure to be even better with the addition of BEPPS to the snack table. Who needs heavy nibbles that don’t do much flavour or nutrition wise when you can have finger licking tasty snacks that are also a great talking point?

We are willing to bet that not many of your guests will have tried black-eyed peas as a snack before, and we are also confident that BEPPS will convert them in next to no time. To give your next party the lift it deserves, choose BEPPS for the perfect pre dinner snack that gets everybody making conversation, for all the right reasons.

Sale price Price 6 x 24 (x2 case of each flavour) £100.00 Regular price