Week’s Supply

It is always a good idea to make sure your cupboards are fully stocked, after all, a plentiful selection of snacks is a beautiful thing, even if it’s just for the coming week. With this in mind, why not make shopping even more hassle free and order yourself a weeks supply of BEPPS. Bulk buying is a great way to enjoy the taste of these delicious black eyed pea treats, and because a week’s supply includes all three exciting flavours on offer, you will be set no matter what snack you feel like.

Whether you want to pop one in your lunchbox for work or grab a bag to keep you fuelled up whilst on the go, a weekly supply of BEPPS is a convenient and delicious way to snack to your heart’s content.

Bursting with nutrients and made using only organic ingredients, BEPPS make snacking fun as well as healthy. Providing an excellent source of protein and fibre, they’re the perfect choice for keeping you full and happy between meals. And now with our week’s supply, you can indulge at any time however you want.

From those lazy days in front of the TV to times when you need something quick to munch on whilst moving from place to place, BEPPS have got you covered.

Sale price Price 3 x 24 packs (x1 case of each flavour) £56.00 Regular price